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Non à la Technologie!

Europe’s new extreme

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After me you will be civilized!

eG8 sponsors

HumancentiPad for the Internet


By Rémi Farnos.

The Creator controls his Net

Natural. The Creator controls his Net. Noone else. anonymous submission

We are the Internet

You cannot own free speech. You cannot own knowledge. You cannot own culture. You cannot own education. You cannot own creativity. You cannot own intelligence. You cannot own liberty. You cannot own reading. You cannot own writing. You cannot own language. You cannot own civilization. You cannot own freedom. Creativity = Reading + Writing + […]

Hands on Internet

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#Sarkozy and #Zuckerberg


http://www.ThisIsNotA.Tv Dear internet user, Please don’t let telecoms control content on the web otherwise it will end up as useless as TV. David Colagiovanni On November 26th 2010 the US government seized 82 domain names for copyright infringement. copies their image and code exactly in hopes that if the domain is seized by the US government for copyright infringement the work will remain intact. David Colagiovanni

Crime of the century

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evil-G8 agent smith


T-Shirt with QR code : SUDO CURE GREED eG8=$

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Add to Basket

Don’t Believe the Hype!!

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Time for change…

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Colonization of internet

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You’ll love the Civilized Internet

Like Pain? You’ll love the Civilized Internet! Posted by François Revol.

Go home!

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This Internet is not available in your country

Sorry about that. submitted by Maro Resad

Sure, you can take THIS Internet

We will build OUR Internet, every day! Submitted by

first commandment of the Web

the View PageSource button in your %Browser is the first commandment of the Web posted by JODI

eG8 = $$$

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eG8 as seen by graphic artists

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What we believe eG8 is really about


From the French President’s speech : “… to invite in Paris the ecosystem’s main stakeholders, so that their vision and knowledge may guide the heads of States’ meeting.” What about netizens, who represents them at the eG8? The are probably not “main stakeholders” enough in the Internet’s ecosystem, it would appear. posted by Kherua

They are NOT the Internet. We are!

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Who said this (about the eG8)?

In this event where everything is on sale, what is privacy worth? Apparently not much! To know it click here (French).

Cory Doctorow on the eG8

Under the title “Fight back against Sarkozy’s EG8 — an exercise in censorship and control dressed up as a technology summit”, Cory Doctorow writes I was invited to the EG8 and declined. I believe it’s a whitewash, an attempt to get people who care about the Internet to lend credibility to regimes that are in […]


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Welcome to the civilized Internet

Welcome to the civilized Internet… you may undergo Deep Packet Inspection posted by François Revol.


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e-G8: la balcanización del Internet

En enero, publicamos en ALT1040 un post acerca de las intenciones de Nicolás Sarkozy de realizar un G-20 Internet para discutir la situación de los derechos de autor “porque el día que no se remunere la creación, se mata la creación”. El día ha llegado: el 24 y el 25 de mayo se celebrará el […]


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And you thought you’d keep a Free Internet?

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Qu’une minorité cherche à imposer sa façon de penser en bafouant les plus fondamentaux droits dont tout homme devrait pouvoir jouir sans limite n’est point fait nouveau. L’histoire, tout de sang vêtue, regorge de tels faits et se répète immanquablement. Seuls changent les instruments contrôlant et torturant ceux qui n’aspirent qu’à la liberté. posted by […]

Big brother is french!

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submitted by i&i, Free Art License 1.3 The civilized Internet interprets Sarkozy as a bug and routes around it #civilization #wordshaveameaning!

“Civilized Internet” Megamix

Now in 12 languages. You’ve been warned!

not in my name

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Gutenberg, the printing press and the Internet

« The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law. » Submitted by anonymous.

Where did the eG8 sniff this ?

Background : a packet sniffer is a software used to inspect the contents of packets (small sets of bits transmitted on the Internet). It can be used for good purposes such as debugging or optimising protocols, or in some case for more controversial ones, for instance to intercept, prioritize, filter or police network communications. Ethereal […]

Que vont-ils pondre contre notre liberté ?

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Je te vois!

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8 eggs

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HADOPI poubelle

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Internet = Freedom×Expression²

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Agence Tunisienne d’Internet ©2011

Obey Zuckerberg

Governments united

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Underlying eG8 philosophy

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Live@D22///Beijing/2008 Submitted by mrflak, more at David Oppetit .

Analysis of the G8internet by Arturo di Corinto in La Repubblica

La Repubblica is a leading Italian daily newspaper. This editorial piece (dated 1 May 2011) puts the eG8 in perspective and stresses the ambiguous (to say the least position of the French president on Internet freedoms issues. The stated objective of the summit is to favor the digital economy and democracy, but this intention collides […]

G8 corrupt

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Fight back against Sarkozy’s EG8 – an exercise in censorship and control dressed up as a technology summit

“I was invited to the EG8 and declined. I believe it’s a whitewash, an attempt to get people who care about the Internet to lend credibility to regimes that are in all-out war with the free, open net. On the other hand, I now have a dandy handwriting sample from Sarkozy should I ever need […]

Rede [aparelho]-: / Net [device]-:

The production takes place via network meetings – where we share information intentionally in the streets, circulating the production of free art and culture in a flexible network of solidarity intrinsic to our times. Mais : Comunlab e crônicas das ruas em rede… Submitted by Etetuba. Apologies for our translation.


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Sarkozis invading the Internet through the eG8…

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Sarkozy Copyright Taliban !

Jeu de Paume

Manifestations en Turquie contre la censure d’internet

G8 DNA POEM by Philippe Aigrain

ACT ACTA CATA GGGGGGGG GAGA TATATATA ATTAC TAC TAG TAG TAG G8 vs INTERNET Our imaginations help us protect our rights and a free Internet Background Poetry written on the letters of the genetic code was first explored in the 1990s in order to find less controversial paths of genetic manipulation than GMOs1. Strict DNA […]

G8 vs INTERNET – Call for creative action

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