Where did the eG8 sniff this ?

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Background : a packet sniffer is a software used to inspect the contents of packets (small sets of bits transmitted on the Internet). It can be used for good purposes such as debugging or optimising protocols, or in some case for more controversial ones, for instance to intercept, prioritize, filter or police network communications. Ethereal is a free/open source software recognized packet sniffer. The eG8 logo has quite some ressemblance to the Ethereal logo. The reader will decide for him or herself whether this is due to an infringement or simply because “new” art, design, invention and ideas have been there before in a slightly different form.

comparison of eG8 and Ethereal logos
Submitted by bm (mx)


2 Responses to “Where did the eG8 sniff this ?”

  1. eG8, une belle brochette de logos ? writes:

    […] donc Pac Man), Internet Explorer et Wireshark (à l’époque où il s’appelait Ethereal, d’ailleurs je ne suis pas le seul) […]

  2. agtrier writes:

    Didn’t they want to talk about Copyright and IPR-violations there …